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Eligibility Statement:

Dear Community;

For nearly all of my life, I have resided in Lawrence County. My values for family, community, and responsibility have been formed by my deep roots within this Community. My wife of forty (40) years and I chose to establish our family within this great Community, so that our children would be influenced with these same values. Our family roots have grown deeper with our three children and eight grandchildren.

Forty (40) years ago, I began serving this community with emergency services by volunteering as a fireman. I still serve as a volunteer fireman with the duties of Fire Chief. I’ve served twenty-seven (27) years within the law enforcement departments throughout this community acquiring invaluable experience and knowledge. My introduction to law enforcement began at the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department, which lasted for ten years. I then continued my law enforcement career by obtaining a position with the Lawrenceville City Police Department. I served Lawrenceville for a total of seventeen (17) years, with eleven (11) of those years serving as Police Chief.

My experiences and training in management, law enforcement, finance and budget preparation, grant submission, and public relations have prepared me to serve this community and your family as Sheriff. During my service as Police Chief, I maintained a balanced budget and obtain a quarter of a million ($250,000.00) dollars in grants and other funding for the department. I directed multiple agencies during  many emergencies that had occurred in our Community while proving my capabilities with highly stressed situation management. My involvement with many high profile criminal investigations resulted in a high conviction rate.

As Sheriff, I vow to ensure that we provide effective and responsive law enforcement services to the community. The Department will continue to establish partnerships throughout the community that will focus on communication and improve our deputies’ ability to provide protection and enforce the law.


Mike Mefford
Republican Candidate for Lawrence County Sheriff
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